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Hoole Bridge Updates

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Hoole Bridge Contd.

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Lots and lots of money is being spent doing up the Chester general station surroundings and soon lots more for strengthening the bridge so 44-tonne juggernauts will be able to thunder across it. . . . but not a single penny to make the thing safer and more pleasant for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists! The three-month closure (and probably longer, judging by the St. Martin's Way performance) will doubtlessly create all manner of problems for the community but it would be nice if at least we came out of it with some genuine benefits. The closure surely presents the golden opportunity to install outriggers to each side of the bridge for non-motorised users. The old pavements could then be removed, making it safer for drivers too.

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Many readers will remember the old pedestrian access to the station. This should surely be opened up again too. This was closed some decades ago for 'safety' reasons and its entrance bricked up. You can still see it on the left as you approach from Hoole. It formerly gave access to a bridge that gave direct access to the platforms. Hoole Road Bridge is without doubt the most dangerous and unpleasant place in Chester for those on two wheels or two legs and seemingly they've yet again been failed by planners, councillors and transport companies. For example, that longterm supporter of the ill-fated CDTS Guided Busway, County Councillor Peter Byrne- Labour Chief Whip and spokesman on transport matters- is quoted in the Standard as saying, "I did enquire about the possibility of doing other work on the bridge to have it widened and having better access for pedestrians.

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Unfortunately it's expensive to do and not financially possible". Is that it then, Cllr Byrne, you're content to accept what you're told and not try to do something about it? In Chester, it seems, a price has been set on people's safety. When a cyclist or pedestrian is killed on Hoole Bridge, and they surely will be- the familiar sight of demolished walls, fences and the like where drivers have lost control assures us of that- who will be take the blame? I, for one, will be there to remind you all of your pathetic failure to get your collective fingers out and apply some joined-up planning, just for once. Lest we forget - Cllr Byrne's thoughts on cyclist and pedestrian safety when enthusing in the Chester press about the 'guided busway':

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  • "Cyclists will have their own dedicated track, as will walkers, and they will not be constantly fighting with other vehicles for their road space".
  • "an opportunity to create a city that is not choked with fumes and threatening to pedestrians, especially child pedestrians".
  • "Bus lanes, traffic priorities at lights, encouragement of walking and cycling, traffic calming, safe routes to school, all these will in a short time be transforming the way we look at our traffic problems".
  • "It would help us do more for pedestrians and cyclists and reduce congestion. It would offer a swift, clean and pleasant route into the city, not only for residents, commuters and visitors but cyclists and walkers too."

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No plans are apparently in place, either, to restore the appearance of the bridge- cleaning and repairing the stone, replacing the lamps and the like. Remember the fuss a few months ago when the building supplies company on the bridge wanted to have a yellow sign? The councill objected because it would "detract from the appearance of the Conservation Area". Also upon the subject of the station restoration, have you noticed that all of the area's splendid Victorian lamp standards- former gas lights- have now been ripped out and replaced by mundane 'modern' designs, totally unsuited to their 'heritage' surroundings? Was a good buyer found for them?!

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This is The new website for Chester.
NewTownSaints is based in the 'Saints' area of Newtown, Chester (St Annes, St Oswalds and St Georges), and fresh content is being added weekly.

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NewTownSaints or NTS:( is set up so that local Chester people can read it and dive into new experiences & worlds!

The TRAIL Federation is the Tenants, Residents Association Including Leaseholders federation in Chester that acts as the over-arching body for residents groups across Chester and District.

Oldies...Are anybody over the age of twenty-one, according to my neice, who is eleven!
Teens can find chat rooms, download music and ringtones; older peeps can create their own cost free web site or web-log (Blog!); and even older folks can jump out of their rocking chairs and search for 'fishing news', 'cooking recipies', or 'anything which takes your fancy!'

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Why do the residents in the 3 tower blocks: St Annes, St Oswalds and St Georges have to suffer with hugely expensive and outdated electric storage heating as the only means of warmth in wintertime?
We are some of the poorest people not only in Chester, but in the country; the majority being either pensioners, or people on Income Support!

Why has Chester & District Housing Trust (C&DHT) installed Gas central heating in Heygarth Heights, yet has no apparent intention of doing the same work in the 'Saints' area?
I asked this same question of the Trust when I moved in, in February 2007 and was told "there is no gas over here". Oh really?

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How is it then, that the residents in Wellington Place use gas cookers and have the luxury of gas heating? Wellington Place is overlooked by St. Georges and St Oswalds, and it would appear that someone from the Trust was telling me 'porkies'. It is not fair and not right, that we should be treated differently from other residents in similar circumstances. This is known as discrimination!!

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Ooooh. . . Edgy Stuff too:

In a report to the Scottish Office on the impact of CCTV, Jason Ditton, Director of the Scottish Centre for Criminology, argued that the claims of crime reduction [due to the camera surveillance] are little more than fantasy. "All (evaluations and statistics) we have seen so far are wholly unreliable"
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