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What Do Those "F"ing Keys Mean?

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A regular request from readers is an explanation of what on earth the "F" keys at the top of the keyborad are for. They are mysteriously labelled F1, F2, F3 and so forth. Well, here is a short list of some of them, to whet your appetite:

  • F1 - Press this and the Help box should appear - this works with most Browsers and most programs
  • F2 - In Word, Ctrl + F2, releases the Print Preview window
  • F3 - Used to open a "Search" window
  • F4 - In Word, F4 will repeat the last action. If you just typed a long bit, and want to type it again (but why?), just pressF4.
  • F5 - F5 will refresh the content on the web page you are looking at, in case it has changed since the last time you looked. Very Useful.
  • F6 - Moves the cursor to the address bar and highlights the current address.
  • F7 - In Word, F7 automatically runs the Spellchecker, and Shift+F7 activates the Thesaurus
  • F11 - Switches back and forth from Full Screen Mode. Try it and see what changes.

You are unlikely to break anything by having a go, so experiment - and let me know if you discover something amazing.
I urge you to change to 'Firefox' web browser, also free, as it has an anti-pop-up blocker built in, and it is much more stable, reliable and user-friendly than those other lumps of rubbish from microsoft: IE5, (Internet Explorer) IE6 and IE7!!
I write XHTML and CSS code, and if there is anyone needs help with this or anything to do with computers, Office, etc., just drop me a line at
I and (initially) one collegue, now want to contribute to the regeneration that is planned for Newtown by providing some useful und needed services to the Local Community.
For starters,

We Hope To Establish A Job Finder Facility For The Newtown Community!
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