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Panorama of Chester From Newtown

I wandered lonely as a cloud... - May 2010

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CottageWe 'older types' who live in Newtown are being penalised every winter, by the 'Chester and District Housing Trust' (C.&D.H.T.).
We are forced to pay for the most expensive

form of heating there is ... ELECTRIC STORAGE HEATING!
Because we are the poorest section of society, and have no political clout, we are ignored. Well this must stop here! We demand equal treatment with the 'other lot' in Heygarth Heights etc., and want GAS CENTRAL HEATING installed before the cold winters return. - email Us

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Why do the residents in the 3 tower blocks: St Annes, St Oswalds and St Georges have to suffer with hugely expensive and outdated electric storage heating as the only means of warmth in wintertime?
We are some of the poorest people not only in Chester, but in the country; the majority being either pensioners, or people on Income Support!
Why has Chester & District Housing Trust (C&DHT) installed Gas central heating in Heygarth Heights, yet has no apparent intention of doing the same work in the 'Saints' area?

I asked this same question of the Trust when I moved in, in February 2007 and was told "there is no gas over here". Oh really? How is it then, that the residents in Wellington Place use gas cookers and have the luxury of gas heating? Wellington Place is overlooked by St. Georges and St Oswalds, and it would appear that someone from the Trust was telling me 'porkies'. It is not fair and not right, that we should be treated differently than other residents in similar circumstances. This is known as discrimination!!
Make your voice known in the Saints Alive! Forum


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There is a photo gallery with the ability to upload your family pix. and there are loads of good quality websites, with free good software to get, such as 'AVG anti-Virus', ( free download and free updates - it's the one I have used myself for the last six years with no problems whatsoever)

I urge you to change to 'Firefox' web browser, also free, as it has an anti-pop-up blocker built in, and it is much more stable, reliable and user-friendly than those other lumps of rubbish from microsoft: IE5, (Internet Explorer) IE6 and IE7!!

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