NewTownSaints Community WebSite
NewTownSaints Community WebSite NewTownSaints Community WebSite

The New Community WebSite For Chester & Newtown
 – A Bit About Us

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The  New Community WebSite For Chester &Newtown
 – A Bit About Us

This is a new website for Chester, NewTownSaints (
It is set up so that local Chester people can read it and dive into new experiences & worlds!

This site will be run by an ex. Newtown Resident who has returned to the fold!

I was 'Born And Bread' in Newtown, in Back Brook Street; a '2-up, 2-down' terraced house, with the cattle-market at the end of our street, and with an outside toilet at end of the yard! We used to boil water in a cauldren and bucket it out into a zinc bath, so we could bathe in front of the fire.
When bath was not in use, it used to hang outside on a nail, in the backyard near the outside toilet. The Cattle Market was at the top of our street...

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Locations of visitors to this page
... So as a Local, and living in Newtown, who better to reflect your needs & interests? Hopefully we will be able to provide some of the things that other sites are not able to offer, and show you things that will interest you all.

Teens and anyone, (even), can find chat rooms, download music and ringtones; older peeps can create their own cost free web site or web-log (Blog!); and even older folks can jump out of their rocking chairs and search for politics, fishing news, cooking recipies, or anything which takes your fancy!
There is a photo gallery with the ability for you to upload your own family pix, and there are loads of good quality websites, with free good software for you to get, such as 'AVG anti-Virus', ( free download and free updates - it's the one I have used myself for the last six years with no problems whatsoever), and 'Zone Alarm' Firewall to stop all those fucking bastards infecting, and messing up your system!

I urge you to change to 'Firefox' web browser, also free, as it has a pop-up blocker built in to block those annoying adverts, and it is much more stable, reliable and user-friendly than those other lumps of rubbish from microsoft: MSIE 5, (Internet Explorer) IE6 and IE7!!

I write XHTML and CSS code, and if there is anyone needs help with this or anything to do with computers, Office, etc., just drop me a line
I and (initially) one collegue, now want to contribute to the regeneration that is planned for Newtown by providing some useful und needed services to the Local Community.

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Illustrations by Yehrin Tong

bishibig (149K)Bishi Music

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